Delivering Smart Energy Management

We use smart energy data, technology, insight and deep industry knowledge to give our customers greater control of their energy resources. From generation to consumption or storage, we use constant innovation to create unique smart energy management solutions for our customers.

Smart Energy

We manage nearly 200,000 smart energy devices.

We are a leader in smart Energy measurement, management and control for Electricity, Gas, Heat and Water.
Smart City
Smart City

Smart City

We bring smart data to city planners.

We can gather a range of city data from air and water quality to traffic, footfall and asset tracking to help make cities smarter and more sustainable.


We have championed innovative e- mobility services in Ireland.

We have brought innovative charging and pricing models for commercial and fleet EV management to Ireland.
Plugging a charging cable into an EV.
Smart City


Our unique cloud energy platform manages vast amounts of energy data.

Verve gathers this data in real time so that customers can monitor their energy usage and behaviours. This reduces costs and saves money in the long term.

Energy Insights

We bring energy data to life.

Verve let us turn energy data into insight. We show usage patterns, highlight anomalies, recommend actions and help achieve energy reduction targets. This lead the way towards energy action.
Plugging a charging cable into an EV.
Smart City

IoT Pioneers

We manage 1000s of IoT devices.

We have pioneered IoT from the start, allowing us to add intelligence to many devices. Our strategic partnership with Sigfox allows us to talk to devices in even the most remote places in Ireland.