Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Your full-service platform for sustainability reporting and CSR Compliance

Corporate Sustainability Reporting

What is the new Directive?
  • All EU member states will introduce a new CSR standard from 2024.
  • Reporting will be based on 3 pillars: Environment, Social, Governance.
  • Reporting in each area is comprehensive and complex.
  • New processes and tools are required to collate information from many sources.
  • Accurate and verified information is required.
Carbon Reporting

Who is in scope?

  • Large Companies are in scope straight away. Listed SMEs are in scope from 2026.
  • The CSR Directive places Finance and Procurement teams in the front line. Verve lets these teams collaborate with all business partners for data collection and reporting.
  • Carbon Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions affects the entire supply chain. All suppliers may be impacted.

Verve Sustainability Reporting

How does Verve support compliance?
  • Collate all CSR data in one single cloud platform.
  • Automate data collection for Energy, CO2, Water Usage and Waste Management.
  • Set and track energy, water and waste targets.
  • Verify and demonstrate accurate data with AI tools and precise reporting.
  • Align with ESRS requirements.
  • Add XBRL Data Tags for compliance reporting
Carbon Reporting

Get It Done With Us

All EU member states will adopt new standards for Corporate Sustainability Reporting from 2025.

This will be based on the 3 Pillars


Measure your impact on energy usage, water, waste and carbon emissions.


Record your impact on your workforce, your customers and the wider community.


Record the details of sustainable and equitable corporate governance.

Elevating the status of Sustainability Reporting.

The CSR Directive elevates sustainability reporting to the same level as financial reporting with the same audit and verification requirements. Make sure that your accurately measures, verified and audited with Verve.


“We need to find new ways to invest for our planet, not against it”

– Mairead McGuinness, European Commissioner

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