Renewable Heat

Heating is one of the largest sources of CO2. Our Verve platform helps to manage heating load, reduce CO2 emissions and move to renewable heat sources.

District Heating

How does Verve support District Heating?
  • District Heating is one of the most cost effective ways to de-carbonise heat.
  • Verve helps to make the business case for district heating.
  • Verve accurately forecasts and manages heating load.
  • Verve supports district heat billing, including self service customer account management and prepay.
  • Verve supports accurate reporting and reconciliation.
Carbon Reporting

Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH)

How does Verve support SSRH?
  • SEAI provides financial supports to move to commercial customers to move to low-carbon renewable heat sources such as biomass or biogas.
  • We help customers to participate in the Scheme.
  • We accurately measure and verif the heat energy used.
  • We make reporting and grant applications easier.

Electrification of Heat

How does Verve support electrification of heat?
  • Proven technology is available to electrify heat production.
  • Verve can optimise heat pump or thermal storage operations.
  • Verify can monitor and manage heating load.
  • Verve matches heating load to weather conditions.
  • Verve accurately forecasts heating load to manage budgeting and costs.
Carbon Reporting

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